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What is LondonCoin?

There are many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, to name a few

But LondonCoin is the best cryptocurrency in the world with business model that accumulated gold backed the only coin that is designed to increase the intrinsic value over time.

Also, the consensus core is DAG(Directed Acyclic Graph) such that it is fast, secure, and no mining.  This means LondonCoin transaction fee is virtually zero.                             

LondonCoin is working with ABM Systems, Ltd in UK and Sikoba, Ltd in Luxemburg to develop the crypto wallet which transfers cryptos with telephone number.  Simple and easy!

Moreover, we are working on anti-counterfeiting system based on blockchain and AI to prevent copying and making fake products globally.  This counterfeiting sector is estimated at $1 trillion US globally

Please keep on watching for the announcement soon.


Study along crypto with LondonCoin.  We are planning easy to understand crypto lecture series for Telegram channel members.


#LondonCoinLecture Series 1, How do you make money with crypto?

We will go in details about the technical and more complex issues later.  At this time we want to discuss why everyone else is making money with cryptos except YOU.

The reason is that most of the people do not study about the cryptos or study wrong items about cryptos.

Now then, you need to understand the big picture about the ownerships of the cryptos including Bitcoin.  Most of the cryptos are not in line with traditional price model supply-demand since majority of cryptos are owned by small number of people, for example Bitcoin; about 5% of the Bitcoin owners holds about 80% of the Bitcoin.

In summary, most of the crypto prices are determined by "whales" on rather established cryptos such as BTC, ETH, etc...  And newer cryptos prices are usually decided with "Pump and Dump" scams.  This means some people buy the criptos at very high prices to make price to go up, and then sell majority of their cryptos in very short time frame such that "Investors" don't have time to sell, i.e. you will be the one holding the bag.

Now then, does cryptos worth something?  Yes and NO.  It all depends on the mechanism how they set the cryptos.  If it is tied with something like gold, dollar, real estate, etc., it is worth somewhat.  But then the questions come why buy cryptos rather than buy real thing?  For the most of the cryptos which are not designed well, it is better to buy real assets than the crypto which is backed by real asset, especially when the amount is small.  Remember in recent days, it costed someone about $195 to send $122 over Ethereum network.

So the question is "How do you make money with cryptos?"

1.  Do not invest before you study enough about the cryptos you want, if you do not, you are speculating or gambling. Not investing.

Also, if you invest in already established cryptos like BTC or ETH, you will NOT enjoy 10s of thousands % return like early investor who bought at early stages.

Let's say you buy BTC now at $50K, most likely it will go up to about $200K since many "experts" said it will.  Also, "THEY" kind of tested the support level at $60K.

Then your most likely return will be 400% and the same goes for ETH.

"THEY" want you to buy cryptos now such that "THEY" can exit with tons of cash.


2. Now you have done studying, then buy low and hold until you want to exit.

Do not trade often; which only people who make money are exchanges.  You do not make profit when you trade often!

Usually the transaction fee including network fee with cryptos themselves will take about, let's say 1%, from YOU.  This means if you trade 10 times, you will lose 10% on top of whatever profit/loss you will generate.


3. Do not trust Experts who are trying to persuade you buying some cryptos, especially YouTubers.  My experiences are they do make living by charging fees from the cryptos they promote.  They are promoting not for the belief in the projects. But for the fee they charge.

A lot of crypto project acquired very good marketing skills to promote and pump the price of cryptos such that general public will be the last guy holding the bag.

Now the crypto industry has evolved in so many areas, it will be very hard to keep up with jargons, technology, and ideas.

If you follow fads, you will lose money


If you followed this far, then naturally you want to ask "quick and dirty" way to make profits just like "ANY OTHER PEOPLE"

Unfortunately, the answer is NO.  But then there are some cryptos which use DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) core which have potential to be used in everyday life such as Hedera Hashgraph.  This is same as Babble core that LondonCoin uses too.


Hi Everyone, Welcome to the LondonCoin lecture series n02.  Today we will talk about the business model of LondonCoin with little of technology behind it.

Before we start, we are doing this in text since we have many people representing different countries such as USA, Spain, UK, Korea, China, UAE, and other counties globally

We can Google translate this document into different languages..

One day we will have live video conferences

OK, that’s being said, let's talk about LondonCoin

We started LondonCoin in 2018, and pondered around the idea how to keep your investment SAFE.

The conclusion with many technical ideas behind is to go back to the idea what Warren Buffet said.

The legendary investment guru of our time.

But he could not keep his words, and if he were to keep his words how to make money, he would have been trillion lire instead of billionaire.

It is not to say he did not performed well as an investor, rather his life time return is about 20% annually.  This is excellent, but could be better if he kept his words.

Let's take a look at the words he said.

This is true for many investors, but only if they keep the words to come below.

But then can this be happen?  Warren himself could not do this.

Otherwise he would have been a trillion lire by now.

Now this is the inner circle idea representation of Warren’s work

When Warren invests in a company, he names a CEO.

He tells the CEO to send 10% of profits to his company.  The center of this map in USA, Nebraska.

So each company he invests is sending 10% of the profits every year to Warren

Then all the money in the world(mostly anyways) will be collected by Warren.

Right?  Wrong, because Warren invests to wrong places and times such that he lose money.

Now then, is there a way that can make Warren's dream happen?


With blockchain technology it can

That is how LondonCoin's idea came

We have a central entity on decentralized blockchain LondonCoin which does not have any operational expenses to collect gold and accumulate for the holders of LondonCoin

This is true for all cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, etc. that these decentralized ones that is once minted, it will last forever.

That is the power of blockchain based cryptos

Now we said LondonCoin collects gold and accumulates for the benefit for the LondonCoin holders.  Then, it needs profit centers that generate profit.  Once the profit is generated by the entity, it will be sent to LondonCoin Systems where only purpose of the company is to receive money from the entities and store gold

We will discuss this a little later. But at this time let's go back to 2018 where Bitcoin price was going through to roof.

The way the Bitcoin price was near $20K, everyone was kind of shocked.  Just a decentralized ledger can worth $20K was unable to understand for many people

Unless you are Brock Pierce who is the chairman of Bitcoin Foundation, who was a child actor who had a lot of time on acting set where he played many on line games.

He became popular since he had many game items like swords, which he gave it away to other gamers for free.

Since then he moved to selling this game items, and got involved with Itembay, etc.  The game item exchange that one can trade game items for real money.

The same analogy applied to crypto currency when he was fast enough to adapt to this industry.

Now we understand how the value of cryptocurrency has been created even though it did not have intrinsic value as it was.

Going back to LondonCoin, Lets go back to this picture.

We have entities such as ABM Systems which is in the business of ABM Wallet,  e voting systems, ACS(Anti Counterfeit System)..

They will generate profits and send 10% of the profits to LondonCoin Systems which will buy gold and store it permanently.

At this time one may ask why gold?

On the left graph shows the relative value of most of the fiat currencies vs gold.

Every one of fiat currency value is near zero compared to gold

And every financial crisis(on right side graph) shows gold price jumps.

which shows the gold is one of the most stable assets in the world.

LondonCoin is collecting the gold with the money generated by entities such as ABM Wallet and others.

Now we are going into a little technical...

Cryptocurrency should be used as means of trade.  It was possible when the price was stable and the network fee was low.

But now the network fee went up such that sending $120 on ETH network costed $190 recently.

So most of the cryptocurrency including Bitcoin and Ethereum cannot be used as a "CURRENCY"

We saw this is coming back in 2018, and searched for the solution to minimize the network fee as well as the speed.

There we found Hashgraph with DAG(Directed Acyclic Graph) algorithm which does not require mining that the network fee was almost negligible.

Also, we started networking with Babble team which created Babble core which uses essentially same as Hashgraph, but better with more improvement.


Babble is better than Hashgraph, with blockchain api, dynamic-membership, fast-sync


So by using Babble as a core, LondonCoin can be used as true "Cryptocurrency"  in daily life globally.

We are planning to work with all the regulatory government body how we can meet the needs of freedom bound people and the needs of government to collect taxes for profit.

Programmable Token: Smartphone based blockchain App that interacts with real world:

This is in development and can be provided with NDA for need to know basis

Now we said that the LondonCoin can be used as "CURRENCY" in everyday use, here is how this can be done.

This for "Incentives, points, coupons" use cases which can be used for other purposes

Coupon, etc. issue by purchasing LDX and provides to customers, which customers can add these with different providers such as airline mileage through point aggregator

such that every $50 and $100 can be exchanged with real gold coin

The test trial is planned in Korea soon as well as global jewelry store chains

Also, insurance industry is the for major disruption with LondonCoin through AIRSAFE

One can call the number to receive the contract and payment for air flight insurance easily which we developed the demo and waiting for the government approval.

One more profit generating proposal which 10% of the profit will be used to purchase gold by LondonCoin Systems is EV charging with compressed air that one can charge EV and heat/cool using simple compressed air using shocks and/or tire inflator.


Remember this that every entity we propose, the profits will be used to buy gold for LondonCoin holders.

Don't forget to download ABM Wallet on Android; iPhone version is coming in about 2 weeks.

The LondonCoin lecture 3 will be focused on the technology

The LondonCoin lecture 4 will be on "Network(community)"

LondonCoin, the best coin in the world, in business model, technology, network. is coming sooner than you think.

Thank you for your time, and be rich by studying crypto industry in business model, technology, and network.


Hello Everyone!  Welcome to the LondonCoin lecture series no. 3

This is technology section, and we have different levels of members in technology

Therefore, we will begin with basic knowledge about the blockchain, and go to the code analysis of babble core

This is the diagram of how blockchain works

where one generates request and broadcasts to the network

then consensus is done... then add to the blockchain to complete the system

From this basic concept we mint cryptocurrency

There are many good courses on this, so we will not go to details on this.


This is one of the courses explaining Bitcoin.. You can try it later

But how does bitcoin actually work? - YouTube

Bitcoin Demo:  Blockchain 101 - A Visual Demo - YouTube

If you watch these three videos, you will have a pretty good idea about the blockchain and Bitcoin

For LondonCoin member training we use MIT course for basic education https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH6vE97qIP4

Once we finish the basic training for LondonCoin employees, then we may go to the public education based on above course

By the way, professor Gensler became the chairman of SEC recently

Once above course training has been completed for LondonCoin employees, then more advanced course material is waiting.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOMVZXLjKYo&list=PLQIX_E46U4XYE5GR6029FpnaX9aBXbt0B

This is the course material from Princeton University

With above knowledge, we can go to the next level

Today, we will cover the basic concept of babble core which LondonCoin uses.

Unfortunately, there was a team which copied babble core to get funding

They raised $XXM dollars with essentially stolen core from babble...

Only good thing come out of this for us is that babble is worth $XXM dollars.

and babble is updated to become the best core in the word.

There will be a separate course for babble core, and the creator Martin Arrivetts may by invited to talk here

Today we start by talking about the PoW, PoS, and DAG.  and why DAG is better

As you can see here, DAG is fatter than PoW and PoS,, which is essentially Bitcoin(PoW) and Ethereum(PoS)


If you want to

This is the average time to generate a new block

This is the code of babble consensus


Babble is based on our own interpretation of Hashgraph, but also builds upon other techniques that facilitate coordination within distributed systems. Here, we give a high-level overview of the most important concepts that inspired the development of Babble and how they all fit together. This document is also intended for a non-technical audience.

This is the summary of Babble...

So the output of Babble is a sequence of blocks; the interface between the app and Babble is a blockchain interface. This makes it convenient for developers to plug into Babble, and provides a base for building light-clients and cross-chain communication protocols. We believe that the p2p internet is moving towards a landscape of interconnected blockchains, the so called internet of blockchains, and Babble is built with this in mind.

For those who can not follow, it is OK

We will discuss this on separate lecture..

We will do it as easy as possible for general public

For telegram channel members, please remember this "the p2p internet"

the p2p internet will be backed by d2d network later part

p2p is in nutshell works by peer to peer network whereas d2d, device to device is based on ,, say,, smartphone to smartphone

I guess this is too much to swallow for basic introductory course.

You can study from the top of this lecture at later time to understand the cryptocurrency industry

For those who are more advanced, here is the review of the babble core..

Monet code review, hard to focus on just the code because the whole idea is very cool. Mobile ad hoc blockchains to decentralize P2P, this is the very nature of a disruptive technology.

Starting with cmd/babble/main.go

Usual high caliber triggers, neat code, strong commenting, error checking, so off to a great start.

Credit given where code is re-used.

Good test coverage.

Android and Java libraries.

HashGraph sync events.

Great design abstraction, node implements the minimum required implementation of the consensus engine. Could still completely separate the engine and have nodes feed into it. Great to see. Let’s jump into the consensus implementation.

Uses badger DB for disk syncing and has an in memory store struct. Very sexy wrapper.

Packages rounds into blocks.

Good optimization considerations.

There is a lot more, but really, this is just fantastic.

This is the conclusion of reviewing Babble core!

Now come back to non-technical members,

DAG(Babble) core is fast and cheap

There it can be used to IoT(Internet of Things) application

In the future, machines can use other machines and pay the expenses.

With this kind of application, you need new kinds of blockchain technology

Only DAG based cryptocurrencies can be used as the payment

How to connect virtual world(cryptocurrency) to real world(payment system) is the big issue in cryptocurrency industry.

We are working on the next generation blockchain technology with POC(Point of Contact) in stores.

We have seen the failures of cryptocurrency promises of "Payment" because they are slow and expensive.

Now time has come to make this process easy and secure with network fee.

For example, Hashgraph's network fee is in $0.001 range

Babble will be VERY low as well

Babble has developed core which is better than Hashgraph

We will have a separate lecture just for technical members such as developers with Martin Arrivetts, the genius of developing Babble..


Today we will talk about the network of LondonCoin

This is the fourth and final lecture of LondonCoin

We start by explaining the goal of LondonCoin

LondonCoin wants to be the cryptocurrency that can be used everyday life

Having said that please read ABM Blockchain Incubator proposal above

This proposal is for global top institution which everyone knows.

ABM will act as a full service incubator for blockchain projects that make use of Babble Core technology which mobile blockchain application developers can utilize a fast and inexpensive Babble ecosystem. Blockchain projects accepted to the ABM incubator will receive funding, technical assistance, marketing support as well as access to ABM infrastructure and advisors. ABM will also establish partnerships with major crypto exchanges and help with token listing.

In nutshell, we will replace Ethereum which is slow and expensive.  Therefore, Ethereum can not be used for everyday use.

Unlike Ethereum development network, Babble development network transaction is fast and inexpensive. Therefore, Babble core is suitable for 4th generation industrial revolution such as mobile applications including D2D, machine2machine payment system, real time blockchain application, etc.

LondonCoin owns 10% share of ABM Systems

This means every LondonCoin holders own the piece of ABM Systems.

Why everyday life usage is important for cryptocurrencies?

To explain this point, we first talk about currency as an asset.

88% of All 2019 Forex Transactions Are in US Dollars. As the world's dominant currency, the US dollar maintained its leading role in forex trading last year. The US dollar was on the side of 88 per cent of all trades last year, according to data gathered by LearnBonds.com.

According to estimates, all the money in circulation is worth 6.6 trillion U.S. dollars. This is actual, physical money that's available in currency notes and coins.

 “Bitcoin market cap has gone up from $700 billion three months ago to about $1.1 trillion now. Ethereum market cap has also doubled from about $180 billion three months ago to over $360 billion

In the beginning of cryptocurrency industry, people thought cryptocurrencies can be used in daily transactions such that one can buy coffee or pizza for example.

This was true somewhat back in 2018 since the transaction fee was relatively low in cents.

But now the transaction fee is so high it lost the benefit of becoming the "Currency"

Many people now think Bitcoin and Ethereum are "Assets" than currency

But many people do not understand the mechanisms of cryptocurrency, but afraid of changes cryptocurrency are bringing into existing infrastructure, such as banks and government.

So they talk about the problems of illegal use of cryptocurrency.

Using Bitcoin for Illicit Purposes Is Harder Than Using U.S. Dollar

a study of the actual numbers shows that Bitcoin is used less than the U.S. Dollar for illicit purposes.

In reality, Bitcoin transactions to accounts known to be involved in illegal activities represent only 1% of the total volume of Bitcoin transactions.

But, Two Percent of Global Money Supply Is Used For Money Laundering

You can read the details here: 


Also, cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on the block forever such that it is easier for government to track down the illegal activities.

As a matter of fact, FBI was the number two largest owner of Bitcoin by confiscating illegal drug company

And over 80% of fiat currency, especial dollar, have traces of illegal drug.

Now we understand that the cryptocurrency illegal use is far less than fiat currency, the real time application can contribute to society in general will be accepted to hopefully banks and governments

Real time application for LondonCoin is the goal of LondonCoin as we said at the beginning, now we show how we can do this.

Firstly, we have Point of Contact with Jewelry stores globally where LondonCoin can be exchanged with gold

Gold in global sense is treated as commodity, thus it can be sold and bought without regulation most of the time.

LondonCoin already has real gold coin which was shown here before.

LondonCoin is 10% owner of ABM Systems which has developed babble core which is better than Ethereum and Hashgraph which has received excellent review we showed on previous lecture, Technology section

Also, ABM Systems has developed the ABM Wallet which is on Google and Apple stores to download and beta test.

Partner Sikoba has developed IOU systems that can be used for cashless transactions

LodonCoin  is closely working with

750,000 SME clients for future use, not only with Jewelry Association and global Jewelry chain with presence in Europe, Asia, and Canada, etc

This will enable LondonCoin to be used in real life with fast and inexpensive babble core.

Bitcoin's value was calculated based on transactional value, which assuming the Bitcoin can be used in real life.

This can be true, if and only if, the underlying network is fast and the network fee is inexpensive

The first generation can not do the work

Now Babble core can do this such that LondonCoinGold to be minted over babble core can be used in real life application

This mean about $6 Trillion dollar currency transaction can be replaced by LondonCoin.

This means, as LondonCoin applications expand, the value of LondonCoin can be increased

Taking 1% of $6 trillion dollars in circulation globally means the LondonCoin value can go up to $60 billion

IOU system developed by Sikoba is taking on $246 trillion dollars global dept. market, which LondonCoin can represent in certain countries

We now conclude the LondonCoin lecture series with 1. How to make money in cryptos, 2. LondonCoin Business Model, 3. LondonCoin Technology, and 4. LondonCoin Network

In order to invest in crypto currencies, not only LondonCoin but in general, One should study cryptos' business model, technology, and network

Like many things in life, STUDY before you do anything.

In closing remark for today, just for the Telegram members, We are making a proposal to large global companies for investment/partnership.

Once this is signed, then you will be able to buy LondonCoin cheap, say $2.5.  We expect LondonCoin will go to Moon.  We will make the announcement soon.

 [ File : ABM Blockchain Incubator.pdf ]

Please review the proposal carefully.

From next week, we will announce major progress of LondonCoin.

Bye everyone, and be rich with LondonCoin

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