LondonCoin (LDX/LDXG)

The LondonCoin Ecosystem will create a revolutionary value chain by Inter- linking a cryptocurrency with real value, backed by gold, with real world commerce.

LondonCoin will be an open, fast and fair decentralized public ledger built using Babble Core consensus, which is a new generation DAG.

  • New Generation Distributed ledger technology (DLT) based on DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) algorithm
  • Can be widely accepted and adopted across every industry and geography
  • Ideally suited to be the world’s first mass-adopted public distributed ledger
  • Can be supported by a vast array of applications
  • Patent pending proprietary technology designed to utilize cryptocurrency in real commerce environment
  • Planning to work with Babble core for minting LDXG

LDX Token Features

Physical gold is accumulated and controlled in a ‘reserve only’ by LondonCoin Systems foundation in Switzerland

10% of profits from ABM Systems, Ltd as well as affiliated units are allocated to increase gold reserve 

LDX price is controlled and stabilized as gold reserve are not owned by LondonCoin Systems, Ltd, but LDX holders

LDX holders can exchange the cryptocurrency with actual gold

To stabilize the LDX price, LDXG will be minted to be exchanged with LDX 1:1 until the price stabilizes 

Value of gold held

Value of gold held by Londoncoin

ABM Wallet

- Transfer crypto currencies with three easy and secure steps:

         1. Enter telephone number of receiver
         2. Enter type of crypto currency
         3. Enter the amount

 - Settlement is done with a credit card like VISA/MasterCard

- Secured by facial and/or fingerprint authentication to unlock the wallet as well as transferring the crypto currencies

ABM Anti-Counterfeiting System

- For each product, a NFT (Non-fungible token) is issued on the ABM blockchain. Transfers of the token reflect the change of ownership of the product, for example from manufacturer to regional wholesaler, then from regional wholesaler to local distributor from local distributor to retailer and finally from retailer to consumer.

- All of these transfers are visible on the blockchain

- These transfers will occur based on precise business rules, as defined by the manufacturer. For example, scanning in the final (consumer) QR code will automatically transfer the NFT to the consumer.

- In addition to transfers, the results of location checks will also be added to the blockchain. These will show that a product has been seen at a given time at a certain location.

LondonCoin Business Model

Insurance Industry

- Airplane accident coverage insurance on Blockchain

- Covers only death caused by airplane accident to provide supplemental coverage, not to compete with current flight insurances.

- Guaranteed within one day payment from the accident.

- Payment choices of mileage, fiat currency or Bitcoin to start which LDX will be included when LDX is traded on major exchange.

- LDX can be exchanged with gold at London, Dubai, Singapore, Toronto, and New York

- Backed by 100 million LDX for guaranteed payment 

Game Industry

- Blockchain game publishing platform

- Blockchain based game independent item trading tools to be traded any time, anywhere, and any devices

- Re-usable game assets

- Minimum game player acquisition cost

- Plan to deploy with major Korean game publisher

- LondonCoin(LDX) to be used as flexible game promotion item for existing games, and built in features for the new games



Seasoned Executive experienced in IT, telecom, semiconductor, and fiberoptics. Active in Korean politics including Vice Chairman of Democratic Party. MS in Industrial & Systems Engineering from San Jose State University, San Jose Calif USA


Vast IT and Telecom Experiences with ETRI(Auditor General), Korea Broadcast Commission(Director), Korea Telecom(Director, New Business), Professor(Seoul National Univ.) PhD in Management Science, Stanford University, Calif. USA

Kemp House
160 City Road
London EC1V 2NxX


LondonCoin Systems Ltd is incorporated in England with the Number 13249829